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These websites and homepages (hereinafter, “M-DECK Sites”) are maintained by M-DECK(hereinafter, “M-DECK”). While a variety of information and data on M-DECK Sites is accessible, use of any content on such Sites is subject to certain limitations. If you wish to use any of this content, before doing so please be sure to read the following terms of use carefully. Some individual M-DECK Sites have also adopted additional rules of use. Please read those rules carefully as well before using any content on those Sites.

Restrictions on Use of Material

  • All information and data appearing on the M-DECK Sites, such as figures and photographs (including designs of characters), animations, music, audio, text, games, and programs (hereinafter collectively, “Material”) are all protected by copyright or neighboring rights of the copyright owners who have licensed such Material to M-DECK .
  • Material may be downloaded only if all of the following conditions are met:
    • Material must be used for non-commercial, personal purposes.
    • Only one copy of any Material may be used, on one computer in your private residence or house.
    • Notices of all rights whatsoever (such as copyright and trademark rights) included with the Material must never be removed.
  • Please note that the following sorts of uses are not permitted: i. Installing downloaded Material onto another computer. ii. Reproducing, modifying, or editing downloaded Material, distributing or selling it to others, or rendering it in a readable format for example through reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or reverse assembly. Prime examples of such unauthorized use are making alterations to downloaded character Material, including Material on your own homepage, or printing out Material for distribution to others.
  • Nothing more is granted in respect to downloaded Material other than a non-exclusive license strictly limited to the scope permitted by these terms of use – there is no intention whatsoever to assign any other rights to such Material.
  • In the event that these terms of use are breached, M-DECK will be authorized to revoke your license to use the Material. In this event, as well as immediately cease your use of the Material, you must completely delete all downloaded Material and any copies thereof.
  • Apart from whether or not M-DECK cancels your license to use Material, your use of Material without M-DECK ’s permission for non-personal purposes, unless specifically permitted by the Copyright Law, will constitute an infringement of copyright or the neighboring rights of the owner of such Material. It should be noted very carefully that copyright infringement is an illegal act under the Copyright Law; not only can the copyright owner of the Material take legal action to stop infringement and/or sue for damages – copyright infringement is treated as a serious crime.
  • Although the M-DECK Sites are located in Spain, under laws such as the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and the Universal Copyright Convention, the M-DECK Sites are also protected by the domestic copyright laws of any country outside Spain wherever the M-DECK Sites are accessed. Accordingly, unlawful use of Material in a country outside Spain will still constitute an infringement of copyright or neighboring rights.