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“A good warrior needs a great leader, and a great leader needs a great weapon.”



A replica of one of the most iconic weapons in the universe of robots that change their appearance. The weapon of a leader.

This replica is manufactured on a human scale, equivalent to an 1/6 scale. Is total length is larger than 3 ft.

Includes electronic components that mimic with lights and sounds the actions of the version handled by the robot hero.

Designed for use by right-handed and left-handed.

Limited edition, with certificate and numbering, without possibility of reedition.



Length: 39 “(approx 99 cm)

Width: 5 “(approx 13 cm)

Height: 13.5 “(approx 35 cm)

Weight: 2.5 Kg (aprox)

Electronics: Lights and sound, more than 70 light points

Packaging: Hard plastic military suitcase

Limited edition: Yes, no possibility of reedition



We have done a Kickstarter campaign to finance the product.

Unfortunately the campaign has not been successful.

The project is frozen until a new order.



The E1000-1 is everything a commander needs when the situation reaches the point where the use of force is the only element of negotiation. Use the best available technology, applying the experience gained in the hardest test bank that exists, the real battlefield.

The E-1000-1 is a multipurpose ionic blaster, which makes it ideal as an assault weapon, combining the possibility of using it as a long distance rifle, being a force multiplier in the battlefield.

The studied placement of its components makes its use as a two-handed weapon very ergonomic and comfortable. Being able to handle with both hands indistinctly. Despite the short head, the arrangement of their internal elements, moving the center of balance towards the handle, allows the possible E1000-1 operated with one hand.

It has a polienergon internal fuel cell, connected to the energy collector for tripping. This arrangement allows that when the available energy in the collector is exhausted, it can be fully recharged in less than 600 picoclicks.

The new integrated security system means that when the user releases the E1000-1, the safe mode is activated. As soon as it is grasped again, it returns to active mode, ready for use. This system extends the duration of the fuel cell by 63%.