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8-10-2018 – KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN failed

Unfortunately, the kickstarter campaign has not achieved the objectives set.
It is a great disappointment, it seems that the market, as we read it, is not mature to accept this product.
That is why the project goes to a corner of our work table, waiting for more favorable times to return.
For all those who are interested in the project, stay tuned to our newsletter, when we return to the project you will be the first to be informed.
Thanks for your support.




Finally we can say that this is the end of the start.
We are very happy to announce that tomorrow, September 13th, we will start the Kickstarter campaign of the Ion Blaster Commander.
There, you will find all the information about the project, and you could collaborate with us to move forward the project.
There are Earlybird pledges, be quick to catch them.
As soome of you knows, Kickstarter campaigns are all or nothing.
Or we achieve the marked goal of viability and your rewards are manufactured; Or everything will have been a beatiful dream that does not come true.
That´s why we are asking for your help to share the campaign. If we could inform every fan, more chance of success. And don´t forget that if we reach the streachgoals, the final product will be improved without cost for the backers.
Stay tunned, tomorrow start the moment of the truth.
Thanks for your support.




Finally we can share some news about the project.
After studying the multiple options, we decided to prepare a campaign on Kickstarter to launch the product. On July we can launch the campaign.
There are many reasons for use Kickstarter, but one of the main reasons is to make the price for final buyers as low as possible, by looking for a direct relationship between manufacturer and customer.
We received many mails from interested people who asked us the price of the item, we continue working to reach a price as tight as possible but we can confirm that the price will be less than 600 $.
Stay tuned, soon we will have the Kickstarter campaign ready, and there will be explained all the details.
Thanks for your support.